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PDO Thread Face Lift

The PDO thread lift is the best kept non-surgical skin tightening secret, designed to lift and tighten areas of your face.

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What is a PDO Thread Face lift?

Polydioxanone or PDO is a thread filament fibre with twisted threads, which will dissolves into the body over time.

The filament has a high strength, which makes it easy to insert under the skin. Elionce™ and Intraline™ thread lift treatment, which uses Polydioxanone to create a natural, fresher and younger looking face.

Polydioxanone is a bio-degradable thread which has been used for the past 30 years in surgical sutures. Recent scientific evidence shows the rejuvenating and lifting effects of these Polydioxanone threads.

The overall objective of the Elionce™Thread lift is to improve the skin and facial structure.
This non-surgical procedure will have immediate results for the ultimate skin lifted look.

What does Elionce™ do?

The objective of the Elionce™ thread lift procedure is to offer a natural-looking improvement to the skin and facial structure.

Elionce™ thread lift therapy is a non-surgical procedure has been referred to as the ’20-minute face lift’, because of its immediate results and its simplicity and how quickly the procedure takes.
In addition to boasting minimal downtime and reduced after care following treatment, Elionce™ is the aesthetic practitioners thread of choice.

This relatively new form of non-surgical face lift is beneficial to anyone suffering from loose or sagging skin, as Elionce™ threads bring a natural, dramatic skin tightening and lifting effect, resulting in a fresher and younger looking face.

  • Non-invasive treatment
  • The patient is conscious throughout the procedure, and at any time can interact with Dr. Natasha
  • Changes after the procedure are visibly instant
  • Minimal downtime post procedure, as there are no cuts or incisions to the skin
  • Recovery time and side effects are minimal making the procedure more desirable than surgery
  • Thread treatments are significantly cheaper than conventional surgery
  • Gives the client more confidence in their appearance

Dr. Natasha takes every precaution for a clean and safe procedure, only sterilised equipment is used for every procedure in a sanitised environment.

Clients should follow our post procedure recommendations. No cosmetic procedure is without risk, but with Dr. Natasha’s expertise and advanced aesthetic techniques, the level of risk is minimal.

The procedure may cause slight bruising, tenderness, and swelling. These will only last a few days. It is important that the client understands that there are minimal risks involved with the procedure. An individual’s choice to undergo a procedure is based on the comparison of the risk to the benefit.

The client should discuss this during their consultation with Dr. Natasha.

If the advice given by Dr. Natasha is followed, swelling and bruising should only last for a few days. Depending on your skin type, this should be minimal.

Some clients experience some slight swelling or bruising post treatment, this is normal. The extent on how this affects the client usually depends on how easily they bruise, usually it’s very minor.

You may also notice that the threaded area will be tender for up to 5 days following the treatment.

Dr. Natasha will give aftercare advice, and answer any questions or queries the client may have.

Dr. Natasha will arrange a future appointment date with the client, for a post procedure checkup. Dr. Natasha will also advise that the post procedure recommendations are followed.

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  • Neck line tightening
  • Marionette lines / Lower Jaw line / Jaw line definition / Chin definition
  • Nasolabial line
  • Forehead and eyebrow lift / Forehead lines and wrinkles
  • Cheeks / Saggy cheeks / Smokers lines
  • Edges of eyebrows / Sagging eyebrows / Lower eyelids / Puffy eyelids / Bags under the eyes

The recovery time is usually between 24-72 hours post-procedure.

It is highly recommended that the client follows the post-procedure recommendations to avoid complications or infection.

It is recommended that you avoid smoking after the procedure. Smoking can cause the skin to tighten and constrict and may shorten the life of the procedure and the clients overall look.

We recommended you not to have any of kind beauty treatments or dental treatment immediately after your treatment.

Avoid any physical activity for the first couple weeks to avoid any complications.

The procedure is very safe. Dr. Natasha is very experienced and specialises in Non-surgical PDO face lifts and advanced aesthetics.

Common side-effects include redness, mild bruising and mild swelling, these are usually minimal. These usually resolve within a few hours, but bruising may last up to a few days.

Each person reacts differently to the thread injections.

Normally the results last between 12-18 months.

This is dependent on the individual, and if the post procedure recommendations are followed.

The threads are bio-degradable and will be safely absorbed by the body over time. Long sun exposure can affect how long the results will last and it is important to maintain your daily moisturising regime.

A follow up treatment is recommended by Dr. Natasha to maintain the look required by the client. Dr. Natasha will discuss your next course of treatment, if required at your aftercare appointment.


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