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Facial Cleanser

For all skin types including sensitive, formula ultra-active with glycolic acid & Idebenone.

Gently exfoliates surface cells, leaving the skin soft & radiant, ready to use the BM glycolic Plus products & in preparation for the peel.

7%* Glycolic Acid
Ph 3.5 < 4
Size: 140ml – Bottle Dispenser


Glycolic & Ubiquinone Ultraceutical Facial Cream

For all skin types including sensitive, with glycolic acid & Idebenone, shea butter, bisabolol.

To protect against premature ageing, with daily use produces a gentle exfoliation that smoothes & softens the surface of the skin reducing fine lines & deep wrinkles. Reduces oxidative stress, enhances hydration & has a long-lasting effect.

10%* Glycolic Acid
Ph 3< 4
Size: 50ml


BM Plus VIT A Facial Lotion

For all skin types, with glycolic acid, Idebenone & vitamin A.

This lotion uses in synergy the 3 active ingredients to combat the highest levels of skin ageing. Daily use of the lotion protects against premature ageing, reducing even the deep wrinkles, regulating the oily areas to provide a uniform skin tone.
The anti-oxidant properties of the active ingredients reduces oxidative stress, improves hydration, brightness, firmness & elasticity.

8.5%* Glycolic Acid
Ph 3< 4
Size: 50ml – Bottle Dispenser


Ultra-Active Serum Protects Skin From Premature Ageing Skin Exfoliation

Serum for skin with discolouration, with glycolic acid, Idebenone, Stabilised Vitamin C and Octadecenedioico.

Protects against premature ageing, reduces deep lines wrinkles. Reduces environmental stress, increases hydration, smoothes the skin. Presence of active ingredients reduces pigmentation spots.

8.5%* Glycolic Acid
Ph 3< 4
Size: 50ml – Bottle Dispenser


BM GlyColic Plus Facial Lotion

Lotion sebum for oily and impure skin, formulated with glycolic acid, eucalyptus & tea tree essential oils.

Protects against premature ageing, whose daily use gently exfoliates the skin, reducing deep wrinkles & subtle ones.
From the first application, reduces pores & excessive oiliness providing a fresh, Hydrated & uniform skin. This lotion is also suitable for men especially those suffering from ingrown hairs.

8.5%* Glycolic Acid
Size: 50ml – Bottle Dispenser


BM Eye Cream

Cream for the eye contour, formulated with glycolic acid and Idebenone.

This superb eye cream dramatically reduces the depth of fine lines & wrinkles around the eyes.
Hydrating immediately & permanently improving the skin & tone. If used for 2 weeks, the glycolic plus peel can be performed around the eye contour to provide optimum results.

4.5%* Glycolic Acid
Ph 4 < 4.5
Size: 15ml



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